What we do

We are a digital media company specializing in film, design, and animation for the web. We create and implement highly creative advertising and marketing campaigns and solutions for small to midsize businesses.

Sales savvy people who talk for a living know it’s never what they say, but the moods they create that last. Our specialty is making beautiful and affecting micro documentaries that sell and solidify your culture, message, and brand.

Almost Blue fosters a quickly growing collective of digital media professionals and sales forward creatives who understand business. While we’re based in Vermont, we’re lucky to travel all around the country to help all sorts of companies and non profits grow. But, Vermont’s a funny place. The beauty and charms of small town life attract high level folks from all over who have chosen a quieter pace. We also have lots of national and global companies tucked away in the Green Mtns. Almost Blue takes advantage of these high levels of sophistication in a smaller marketplace and is building Vermont’s premier one stop shop digital media agency.
Film Our specialty is film and in particular commercial and documentary work. We tell the stories companies crave.  Whether it’s a new product launch, a warm company portrait, unique instructional video, or micro documentary, this is our passion.

Marketing and Advertising We work closely with department heads and CEOs along with their creative teams to create vibrant new campaigns from conception to delivery. We help solve the unique sales and marketing puzzles that so many companies face. Through initial creative workshop sessions we get to know our clients intimately. Our fresh outside perspective often leads to brand new solutions. Then, our digital professionals get to work creating everything from creative and effective marketing campaigns, supported by print and digital advertising, to clothing design, branding, and the warm film, video, and animation we’re known for.

How We Charge We charge on a per project basis. Our clients know they’ll get products they love, on or under budget every time. Some folks who bid hourly tend to create work. Not us. By bidding per project we reward efficiently, save our clients money, and, frankly, make more money ourselves because we work better, faster. We often sell full media kits including multiple works which take advantage of economies of scale. Every client we’ve ever had comes back for repeat business. And we’re proud of that..